About Us

Turkish, Railway Engineers’ Association

Our Vision

To offer railway engineers a versatile development oppurtunity to establish a creative and visionary railway market in Turkey.

Our Mission


  • Support engineers in development of their occupational skills and know how, who are settled in the Turkish railway market,
  • Follow the international „State of the art“ and cooperating in implementation of the international railway standards and technologies into Turkish legislation,
  • Connect the national railway experts under one roof,
  • Take care to introduce the title „Railway Engineer“ in Turkey.

Our Objective is…

  • To represent railway engineers,
  • To build of a platform for cooperation and exchange of know how between members,
  • To support members in finding out the most compatible position for their abilities and potentials,
  • To follow up the railway technologies and developments on national and international level, publish related events and support the highest technology to implement and produce in Turkey,
  • To create a bridge connection between universities, state entities and private actors,
  • To organize events e.g. course, seminars, trainings, workshops, conferences and discussion rounds,
  • To arrange or join to social activities e.g. concerts, theaters, exhibitions, fairs and sport events to construct social dialogs between members.


Contact to us…

Demühder  : demuhder @ gmail.com

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